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IPL Hair Removal RockhamptonIPL Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal & reduction with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is an effective and gentle way to remove unwanted hair with permanent results, in the right hands.


At Complete Skin Solutions, we use a type of IPL system called Energist VPL™ (Variable Pulsed Light). Unlike general IPL systems, our VPL system allows our Nurses and Dermal Therapists to have increased control of the intensity and length of the waves of light. This allows for the tailoring of treatments for individuals based on their age, skin colour, hair colour and hair thickness to achieve the safest and best possible result.

Our medical grade IPL system has been clinically proven to remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body and can be used on all skin types. Most clients will see significant results within three to eight treatments.

Laser Hair Removal RockhamptonHOW IT WORKS

The Energist VPL™ treatments use short, controlled pulses of filtered light that target the melanin pigment found in the hair. This absorption process heats the hair follicle rapidly without affecting the surrounding skin. The treatment halts the follicle’s ability to regenerate, resulting in an easy and effective way to treat unwanted hair. Hair without pigment (white hair) cannot be treated with IPL or laser.

During your initial consultation, your hair and skin will be assessed, ensuring you have no underlying medical conditions, and our trained Nurses or Dermal Therapist will perform a test patch to determine the right therapeutic range of to achieve the safest and best possible result for you.

During the treatment, the hair in the target area will be trimmed (usually done prior to the appointment) and a cooling gel applied ensuring that the light absorption is optimised to give maximum results. After a VPL™ treatment, the hairs treated will fall out naturally over a period of weeks leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking great.

Only hair in the growth (or anagen) phase can be targeted. As hair grows in cycles, it means a series of treatments (at 4 week predetermined intervals) is required to ensure all hair is treated while in its growth phase. It’s important to note that no system can promise you 100% hair removal as dormant follicles may be stimulated later in life during the normal ageing process. We usually advise our clients to have a top up treatment to maintain results.

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