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Dull Skin TreatmentDull Skin Treatment Rockhampton

Dull skin is one of the most common skin complaints we hear at Complete Skin Solutions. Dull skin treatment can treat skin that is generally describing as lacks radiance and has uneven texture and tone; skin that lacks that glow associated with youthful, healthy skin.


  • As we age, the skin’s ability to generate new cells and naturally exfoliate dead cells from the surface of the skin decreases. This creates a thickened surface layer of skin. The build up of dead skin cells, diffuses the light and making skin appear dull and lackluster.
  • Dull skin can also be the result of poor circulation.
  • Sun damage is a significant factor contributing towards a dull looking skin. Sun exposure is responsible for premature ageing of our skin.


The key to success dull skin treatment, is addressing the underlying problems.

Exfoliation treatments, such as Corrective Peels and Microdermabrasion will exfoliate the skin, removing the build up of dead cells, resulting in a brightened and more refined skin texture.

Light based treatments, such as Omnimux Medical, Photo Rejuvenation and Fractional Laser, will excite cells to stimulate collagen and cell renewal.

Hydration treatments, such as Micro-Needling and Sonophoresis are idea for restoring moisture to the skin. Hydrated skin is healthy looking skin.

Our Dermal Therapist and Nurses can also prescribe medical grade skin care to assist with exfoliation (removal dead skin cells), as well as infuse your skin with hydrating, firming and brightening ingredients.

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