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Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin condition that occurs on the face. It often starts with an increased tendency for facial flushing, that can progress to a persistent redness, thickening of the skin, visible capillaries, pimples and red bumps. Rosacea can be a source of constant embarrassment for individuals and can be difficult to cover up. While there is no solution, Rosacea treatment can help.


  • The cause of Rosacea is unknown, however there are several theories including genetics, vascular disorders, microscopic mites on the skin, Helicobacter Pylori bacteria found in the gut as well as immune and inflammatory factors.
  • Rosacea most often affects those aged over 30 years and it is common in those with fair skin, blue eyes and Celtic origins.
  • There is no permanent cure for Rosacea and symptoms generally worsen with advancing age.
  • Rosacea can be aggravation by sun exposure, alcohol, hot or spicy food and drink, weather extremes, saunas, overheating, emotional distress, perfumes and irritating products. 


While there is no cure for Rosacea, there are treatments available to improve the redness and dilated capillaries associated with this condition.

Light based therapies, such as Photo Rejuvenation with Intense Pulsed Light therapies works by heating up and collapsing the blood vessels close to the skins surface. Most clients see a significant improvement in their symptoms following one session, however several sessions are usually needed to complete the treatment and maintenance may be required.
Omnilux Medical light treatments can also offer excellent results in reducing the redness of the skin as well as overall facial rejuvenation by stimulating cellular regeneration.

Depending on the severity of the Rosacea, clients may require a medical consultation for the prescription of medication (such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory or vasoconstrictor medication to restrict blood supply to the skin surface) or referral to a dermatologist. 

As Rosacea can be aggravated by the wrong choices in skin care, it is important to seek advice on choosing the most appropriate skincare for your skin condition.

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